Catalog 2020




as you are many to ask me some digital print artworks, I decided do expose here some of example, about an “from photography” inspired art with a new colorful style. I reproduced here also digitally some of my original hand drawings Artworks from the serie “lignes, forms and angles” for poster, postal cards, coasters, etc.

#Each artwork is a digital Hand-drawing one and the property of Emeline Mottais

# 11, # 12, # 13 are friends of me and give you an idea what would be possible to do with a picture from you (it can be an interior, exterior places, people, all image you found nice and would want to have with the presented style).

#14 and #15 are reproduced digitalised versions from two of my hand drawing Artwork presented in the em gallery of www.emelinemottais.art



under the form of a “catalog” its name is: “Les à côtés” for “the others from the side” because this digital drawing is not my main art and is not destinated to be exposed like my artworks in the em gallery.


HOW MUCH__PRICES as postal cards, poster, mugs, coasters, etc.:

A) Digital high resolution file for self print in the format you want:
– 1 x artwork presented below: 10€
– more than five artwork presented below: 8€ each
– a work based on a individual picture/photography from you: from 40€ 

B) For final product (with frame and «passe-partout», or finale form as poster, mugs, coasters. etc.)):
price on demand – from 30€ excl. shipment costs.

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